Hassle Free Internet

We justify our name and provide prompt service. We guarantee low down time and even if you get some problem we help you within 4 hours.

24 X 7 Service & Support

We provide support round the clock. Our dedicated team is ready for your service whether it's day or night. We are the only ISP in Udaipur to gurantee 24 X 7 onsite support. So you can be totally relaxed with Prompt Infracom Internet Service.

Cost Effective

"Taj Mahal wouldn't be so beautiful if Shahjahaan had asked for many quotations and settled for the least" Puns apart, we at Prompt Infracom do not settle. We provide best internet service of town with very competitive and varied plans.

Super Download Speed

What's the point of having an internet connection if you have to wait for hours to download even one song? Well, Prompt Infracom is different. With speed of up to 100 Mbps, you can download anything in seconds. And while you’re downloading stuff, you can play games, do video chat etc., all at the same time.


With our high speed Fiber optic cables, we are able to provide you ultra-fast speed upto 100 Mbps. Trust us, it will blow your mind. With this much speed you don't have to worry about anything whether it's downloading Blu- Ray movies, Strreaming 4K videos or playing Graphic Intensive games. You can do it all with Prompt Infracom.

Reliable Internet Lease Lines (ILL)

Acche Din are here. Prompt Infracom not only promises superfast internet speed but it's also very reliable. With a promise of very low downtime, we also assure onsite service anytime. Our dedicated support team takes care of your smallest of problems with great sincearity.